Database of Under-represented Groups in Agriculture

Here, we identify people, farms, groups, etc. who represent and/or support marginalized persons and communities involved in regenerative food systems.  Ecdysis Foundation is working to include and elevate the under-represented people and groups that practice food production in ways that are inherent to regenerative agriculture. 


The "Social and Food Justice" button link contains people/farms/groups working specifically with and/or actively uplifting marginalized groups involved in agriculture and/or food justice (no specific marginalized group).  The "Other" button link contains people/farms/groups promoting/practicing regenerative ag, working towards a healthier environment, and/or helping to alleviate hunger, poverty, and food injustice but not specifically focusing on, or actively uplifting, historically marginalized groups.  The remaining buttons link to info for a specific marginalized group.  There is overlap in some cases, and there are a few people/farms/groups that are included in more than one link. 


It is worth noting that the “Womxn” tab is not reflective of all of the womxn, womxn-owned, or womxn-led farms/groups that are involved in transforming our food systems.  Many of these womxn are included in other tabs.


The urban farms included in these documents are only a tiny fraction of similar gardens/farms throughout America’s cities. It is clear that the BIPOC leaders in urban agriculture are also the leaders in food justice. And food justice is an essential component of transforming food systems through regenerative agriculture. 

*a special thank you to Dr. Tara Wood of Ecdysis Foundation for collecting and organizing the below information! If you would like to be included on this database or know someone that should be, please contact us!