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Ecdysis Embarks on the 1,000 Farms Initiative

Ecdysis Foundation is in year 2 of the most ambitious agroecology experiment ever conducted, researching regenerative systems across North America. Find out more information about the project, how to get involved, and how to help below. 


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Do you have a farm or ranch that you are interested in participating in our research? We look forward to hearing from you! 

This research is an extraordinary undertaking with staff and resources, but we want to ensure this research is free for the farmers who participate. Any support for the work is appreciated! 


Ecdysis Team in the Field

Our hard-working team visited 389 farms in the 2022 season alone, with 310 of them full-systems assessment. We collect data and field samples rain or shine, in every sort of challenging weather and soil condition. Meanwhile, their high spirits brought hope to our farmers and leadership both. We are grateful for such a fun, determined and inspirational team!
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In this field season alone, our team collected at least:
77,800 insect sweeps
19,840 soil cores (by hammer and hand)
31,000 plant biomass measurements
3,720 soil temp and moisture measurements
4,960 soil water tests
1,240 insect quadrats
+ more!!
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