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Our Story

Our Roots

Ecdysis Foundation started in 2016 behind the wheel of a rental car on a cross country roadtrip home to South Dakota. Driving through the endless miles where society had traded corn and soybeans for degraded rural communities, it was clear that something was deeply wrong with how science was being applied. Something had to change. 


A New Vision of Agricultural Science

The vision that evolved became a new model of agricultural science. And the only way to implement these changes was to get out of the current scientific matrix.


Scientists have to become farmers to increase the relevance and credibility of their research. Scientists also have become part of the farming community. Funding models have to change to remove conflicts of interest from science, and farmers needed to be intimately involved in producing scientific research. The metrics that scientists assess their success by have to be re-envisioned to incorporate outcomes that farmers care about. And scientists need to be able to communicate their science to the end users. 

"If a scientist cannot communicate something clearly and succinctly, then they don't understand it themselves"

Niko Tinbergen 

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