Our Story

Our Team

Meet the Scientists

Dr. Jonathan Lundgren

Founder & Director of Ecdysis Foundation

Agroecologist, Farmer, Rancher, Beekeeper


Dr. Mike Bredesen

Joined Ecdysis Team on Day 1

Mike is a research scientist in charge of cropland research around North America


Dr. Ryan Schmid

Re-joined Ecdysis Team in 2018

Ryan is a research scientist in charge of rangeland programs around North America

Dr. Kelton Welch

Re-joined Ecdysis Team in 2019

Kelton is in charge of the Mark F. Longfellow Biological Collection at Blue Dasher Farm

Meet The Graduate Students


Tia Busenitz

Joined Ecdysis Team in 2019

Tia is a master's student in Entomology at the University of Nebraska, researching how pesticides and probiotics affect honey bee health and immune function

Tommy Fenster

Joined Ecdysis Team in 2018

Tommy is a master's student researching regenerative almond production systems while pursuing his degree at California State University East Bay


Alex Michels

Joined Ecdysis Team in 2019

Alex is a master's student at South Dakota State University, researching regenerative agriculture, pollinators and birds in North Dakota and southern Manitoba, Canada

Meet The Core Staff


Liz Adee

Joined Ecdysis Team in 2017

Liz Adee has a Bachelor's Degree in Horticulture and works as a research assistant at Blue Dasher Farm. She assists with many aspects of the experiments around Ecdysis Blue Dasher Farm.

Austin Adee

Joined Ecdysis in 2019

Austin is our Tech Wizard at Ecdysis Foundation.


Roger Brown

Joined Ecdysis Team in 2017


Roger Brown is a retired military man that works as a maintenance man for the lab and assists in building many of the structures needed to fulfill the goals of the various experiments.


Amy Heibult

Joined Ecdysis in 2019


Raeann Krull

Joined Ecdysis in 2020

Christina Lind

Joined Ecdysis in 2019

Ian Lundgren

Joined Ecdysis in 2020


Dan Pecenka

Joined Ecdysis in 2020

Allison Shorter

Joined Ecdysis in 2021

Genesis Graduate Students

Former Staff


Claire LaCanne



Jacob Pecenka


Gabe Boyer

Christopher Bradley

Cedric Gentils

Desirae Hertling

Will Hillery

Amy Knofczynski

Jenna Krogh

Kirstyn Loyva

Gabby Lundgren

Alex Marra

Liam O'Connor

Juliette Paineau

Alec Peterson

Pauline Reby

Nolan Ryne

Nicole Shultz

Jay Skaar

Sierra Stendahl

Julia Stueven

Kassidy Whethers