Our Team

Members of the Ecdysis team


Jonathan Lundgren

Dr. Jonathan Lundgren is the founder and director of the Ecdysis foundation. He got his PhD from the University of Illinois. He is set on changing the minds of farmers around the world backed on the research he does at the Blue Dasher Farm Lab.


Ryan Schmid

Dr. Ryan Schmid got his PhD  in Entomology from Kansas State University. He heads up several experiments at the Blue Dasher Farm Lab which revolve around insect communities in grazing fields.


Mike Bredeson

Mike Bredeson is a Graduate student that is working on his PhD from South Dakota State University. He is studying the effects tilling and cover crop on soil health. 


Sierra Stendahl

Sierra is an undergraduate student working her summer at Ecdysis. She assists the scientists in their experiments with a variety of tasks.


Liz Adee

Liz Adee has a Bachelor's Degree in Horticulture and works as a research assistant at the Blue Dasher Farm. She assists with many aspects of the experiments around the Blue Dasher Lab from bee disection to data collection.


Roger Brown

Rodger Brown is a retired military man that works as a maintenance man for the lab and assists in building many of the structures needed to fulfill the goals of the various experiments.


Tommy Fenster

Tommy is working with Ecdysis as he pursues his masters at California State University East Bay. He studies regenerative management in California almond orchards.